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Your Time

Sugars Notes – Your Time

It’s your time, sister. You’ve got this.

The world needs your talents, your perspectives, your leadership. You have so much to offer – unique gifts only you possess. Raise your voice and put yourself out there boldly, unapologetically. This is your moment.

All those days you questioned your worth, talents, abilities – leave those behind. You are strong, capable, worthy. Plant your feet firmly, stand tall and embrace your inner power. The future is unwritten and yours for the taking.

Tune out the voices of doubt, worry, fear. They no longer serve you. Instead, nurture your big vision with optimism and courage. Let it energize you rather than intimidate you.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other down the path that sets your soul on fire. There will be obstacles, but you have the tenacity to get over, under or around anything blocking your way. Stay determined.

You don’t have to do everything at once. Take it step by step. Learn as you go. Just keep progressing. Growth happens outside your comfort zone. This is how your capabilities expand and greatness unfolds.

Trust your instincts – they won’t fail you. Believe in the beauty of your dreams before they come true.

Live like they are inevitable, only a matter of time and effort. Faith actualizes vision.

Chin up, shoulders back, eyes on the horizon. Your time is now. Go dazzle the world with your beauty and brilliance.

Love. Your. Life! xo, Sugar