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Tybee Islands’ Maddie Cottage

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Exterior

This Tybee Island cottage is a total inspiration! If you’re looking for for a place to stay then this cottage in Tybee Island could be the right one for you and your family. Let’s go and see what’s inside.

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Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Front Porch

The cottage welcomes you with a front porch that has a seating area, turquoise flooring, and shiplap exterior walls. Coastal vibes, here we go!

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Living Room

All white on the walls of the living room. This means more freedom to add more colored decors. The couches feature these blue and green colored covers. 

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Bedroom 1 - close up

This is a nice looking shot of one of the bedrooms. White walls and curtains are being featured here. The turquoise side tables and lighting fixtures work well with the green elements in the room.

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Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Bedroom 1

I thought I’d feature another shot of this lovely bedroom. It’s amazing how the green and turquoise colors blend well. Love those end-of-bed chairs. Beach vibes, yes?

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Bedroom 2

This is another bedroom in this 4-bedroom cottage. Also a queen bed, the covers and most of the elements here are in white color but you’ll also see the pink and yellow elements here, which seem to pair well here.

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Bathroom

Here’s a peak at the bathroom with the dotted flooring. The white walls of the bedroom and the bathroom add to the clean look of the whole area.

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Bedroom 3

So, one of the bedrooms have two queen beds as seen on the photo above. Yellow walls and green curtains can be seen on the shot. The sofa in between the two beds looks very inviting. 

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Bunk Beds

Here’s the bunk room with that cool rag that adds ‘life’ to this all-white room. Seeing the colored pillows also makes my coastal heart happy. 

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Patio

This patio is looking good with those white Adirondack chairs. White and black theme here as you can see; black flooring and black and white curtains and throw pillows. All in all – a nice themed patio. 

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage Backyard

Here’s a shot of the backyard and from here, you’ll see the ‘Maddie’s Seaside Cottage’ sign on a turquoise surfboard. I love a good beach-y sign like this. Very creative.


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Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage

Tybee Islands' Maddie Cottage