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Tropical Traveling Home Tour (Budget series #7)

Tropical Traveling Home Tour (Budget series #7) Sofa

#RVLife – what an exciting life, right? Want to know the most exciting part of starting your RV journey? Getting your own RV. And decorating it. Fun! Renovation was done by Renee + Shaun over at @theflippintilbys. Featured here, in this living space, are the very cool blue sofa, a modern table with small drawer, and a vintage looking area rug. 

Photo Credit/info at RenovatedRVsForSale.com | Post contains affiliate links.

Tropical Traveling Home Tour (Budget series #7) Living Area

Here’s another look at the living space capturing another chair for seating. You’ll also get a glimpse of the kitchen and dining areas. 

Tropical Traveling Home Tour (Budget series #7) Kitchen

This mid-violet cabinets in the kitchen reminds of Monica’s (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) door. The vibrant color of the cabinets adds character to this space. The Savannah Hexagon Porcelain tiles as backsplash looks really good in here.

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Here’s another shot of the kitchen… with the dining area. They are bold with colors and patterns, but if this is a vacation home, why not?!

Tropical Traveling Home Tour (Budget series #7) Bedroom

When you have a tight space, it makes sense to make every space a functional one. This bedroom is a clear example of it. First of all, I love the huge bed here. Looks comfy and nice. Second, love the mini office table and chair at the foot of the bed. Sink/lavatory is captured at the right side of this shot. Huge mirror beside the bed, which aside from the actual functionality, it also makes the space appear bigger than it actually is.

Tropical Traveling Home Tour (Budget series #7) Bedroom storage

I love how this space was created. The floating cabinets make to maximize the space. The built-in drawers and cabinet are perfect. 

Tropical Traveling Home Tour (Budget series #7) Front Seats

This is another view of the motorhome. Featured here would be the living room and the cockpit. Those seats are ultra comfy, no?
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