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Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid)

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Exterior
Looking for a Tybee Island vacation rental? The Salty Mermaid is simply divine when searching for Tybee Island rental cottages. Plus you get festive beach decor ideas. Step into this charming 1940’s charming cottage. (Updated June 30, 2024)

Photos by the amazing Missy at the Salty Mermaid Cottage. @thesaltymermaidcottage | Post contains affiliate links.

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Living Room
Whether you’re looking to vacation in Tybee Island, or gather beach decor inspiration, let’s have a look!  Colorful beach living room with just the right color combination. Pink, white, turquoise and wooden elements are definitely giving you those cottage-y feels!

Kalalou Ceramic Mermaid Vase, One Size, Blue

I saw this awesome ceramic mermaid vase like the one found in the living room. It will surely make your mermaid heart very happy!

Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid) Kitchen Stove

Fully equipped kitchen ready for your chef-like skills during vacation. Lovely artwork and images on the kitchen walls. Love, love the walls. How about the floors? MORE BEACH KITCHENS

Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid) Kitchen

I love the pops of teal in the kitchen. Notice the microwave! Fun teal microwave here!
Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid) Dining
Coastal dining room has casual beach decor with dinner table for six. A banquette with white palm tree prints cover as a new addition to this dining room. MORE DINING ROOMS

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Dining Room

Best Choice Products 24in Set of 4 Stackable Modern Industrial Distressed Metal Counter Height Bar Stools - Blue

This 4-piece set counter stools are similar to the ones found in the dining area. The distressed metal design is perfect. Now tell me this isn’t a gorgeous Tybee Island vacation rental. 🙂

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Mermaid Decor
Charming coastal decors in the cottage and I wanted to highlight this one because why not, right? Really cute artwork on a piece of wood! We have lots of BEACH WALL ART on our beach quote post.

Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid) Bedroom
Pink is that word you’re looking for. I personally love this beach bedroom because 1) it’s a totally fun pink, and 2) I like that vibrant artwork above the headboard. Oh, and peek at the black and white floor tile in the bath.

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Cozy Line Home Fashions Romantic Pink Peony Flora Cotton Reversible Quilt Bedding Set, Coverlet, Bedspread (Pink Peony, King - 3 Piece)

Floral bedding set is always nice to have especially if you own a beach cottage. There are tons of floral designs out there but here’s a favorite at Sugars Beach!

Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid) Bathroom

Tiled bathroom floor looks neat here. Colorful bathroom curtain adds beach vibes here! And of course, the pink wallpaper with mermaid prints make it super cool.

Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid) Bedroom2
Here’s a bedroom in this cottage with king bed, colorful pillows, blue side table and lamp, and a nice oyster decor above the headboard.

Kalalou Large Round Oyster Shell Mirror, One Size, Cream

So inspired by that oyster shell mirror found in one of the bedrooms. This item here, I found on Amazon, is quite similar. If you like to add ocean vibes inside your room, this decor is a must-have.



Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid) Bathroom2
Here’s a bathroom with blue wallpaper with mermaid prints. I totally am here for these cutesy wallpapers. I also like how they carried the glossy white tile around the wall. This is a great way to pack a lot of decor punch without paying a lot. Anytime you can add pizazz in a small area, do it.

Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid) Bunk Room
Two sets of twin bunks, and colorful pillowcases. What’s a beach house without a bunk room, right?

Nautical Crush Trading Starfish | 10 Extra Large White Finger Starfish 6"-8" TM

These starfish art pieces are perfect addition to your beach and crafty cottage. Design ideas are endless. You can put them on walls (scatter them around for beach vibe) or add to side tables, and more.

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Pillows

Coastal vibes even from the pillows, right? 🙂 

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Covered Patio
Here’s the covered patio with this bamboo sunroom set with comfortable cushions. It’s a fantastic family area! Love the mermaid tails.

Tayse Largo Denim Outdoor 8 Foot Square Area Rug for Living, Bedroom, or Dining Room - Solid

I got inspired by the area rug in that patio so I looked for something similar in Amazon. I found this 8ft square area rug that I think you’ll like. Suitable for outdoors and indoors.

Tybee Island Vacation Rental (Salty Mermaid) Porch
Southern style screened porch with this two hanging beds. Awww, what a leisurely lifestyle. Hey this is the photo I mentioned in Beach Bliss, where I thought they didn’t add mermaid decor. I saw the shark and thought that was it…but no, if you keep looking, you’ll find a mermaid tail.

Cari Bay Deep Seating Porch Natural Finish Swing Bed Made of Eucalyptus Wood with Khaki Cushion and 4-Foot Hanging Chain - Assembly Required

Whoever invented porch swing beds is brilliant. Don’t you think?

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Pool Side

Pool side relaxation begins here … 

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Private Pool
Lovin’ this private pool. There’s that blue mermaid! What a relaxing cottage in Tybee Island! Bottom line, if you’re looking for Tybee Island rental houses on the beach, the Salty Mermaid is not for you…however it is a fab place to stay.

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Mermaid

Now, who wants to be a mermaid?!



Tybee Island Vacation Rental

Tybee Island Vacation Rental