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Strappy Black Dress Beach Outfit

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Strappy Black Dress Beach Outfit: Karl Lagerfeld once said, “One is never overdressed or under-dressed with a little black dress.” A black casual dress is popular for your next summer party or a sunset stroll along the beach.

If you’d rather go straight to Amazon and see black summer dresses for yourself, simply CLICK HERE. (aff. link)

Fun Beachwear: Casual black dress, round rattan bag with amazing flat sandals! Muted gold earrings and tortoise shell sunglasses complete the look.


Black Casual Dress // Amazon // A black casual dress is a must-have. All fashionistas know this! This one has soft material, which is rather important when wearing a dress. Especially if you’re going to wear it to a party, vacation, or to the beach. As a summer beachwear, it pairs perfectly with the round rattan bags.

Round Woven Rattan Bag // Amazon // Made in Bali, Indonesia, this round hand woven rattan bag is a beautiful addition to a casual black dress. Since each bag is individually hand crafted, they are unique and no two bags are the same. Makes it more special. Ideal summer bag.

Summer Bohemian Beaded Ankle Walking Strap Sandals // Amazon // Comfortable and fabulous are the two characteristics we’re looking for when shopping for a sandals. We chose this summer bohemian strap sandals because they’re comfortable with interesting detail of the strap. Sexy, and unconventional = these pair!

Black Tortoise Sunreaders // Amazon // Durable and flexible UV light protection lenses are in order especially during summer. And while we love sunshine, one should never let this season escape without one of these black tortoise sunreaders. It’s a stylish and sophisticated eye-wear that you can use for outdoor reading and/or distance viewing.

Gold Single Earrings // Amazon // I LOVE these earrings. You can pay just a little more and get a set of gold + silver. Be sure and check size when ordering cause the have large and a smaller size. African tribe inspired. Queen Cleopatra-ish style, these earrings dress up this casual beach outfit.

Rattan Bags for Women - Handmade Wicker Woven Purse Handbag Circle Boho Bag Bali

Rattan Bags for Women - Handmade Wicker Woven Purse Handbag Circle Boho Bag Bali

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