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Old Naples Beach House Tour

Old Naples Beach House Exterior

Two blocks from the beach, this custom-built beach house at Old Naples is just a dream. Picture perfect, if you ask me. A beach house exterior that can easily be at a coastal magazine. 

Photo Credit/info at 41west.com @41westnaples | Post contains affiliate links.

Old Naples Beach House Living Room

Spacious living room. Blue outside. Pink elements inside. So far, I’m lovin’ this! White walls, classic looking fireplace, and marble flooring.  (LIVING ROOM DECOR IDEAS)

Old Naples Beach House Home Bar

Let’s talk about the home bar shown above (also shown on Living Room photo). This is a great idea to attach to the living room, really. I mean, when you entertain guests, you’ll want something that’s just right there to fix quick drinks, snacks, and more. White cabinets and beige backsplash here. 

Old Naples Beach House Sitting Room

Another living area that’s also remodeled. This area is featuring these two white rattan chairs with white cushions + small dark pink pillows for lower back support. I am also eyeing the small fridge that’s installed on the side there… Great idea! 

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Old Naples Beach House Kitchen

Island style kitchen with those wooden island chairs. Marble flooring that can be seen on most spaces here. White cabinetry and marble backsplash. Looks neat and classy at the same time. (MORE COASTAL KITCHENS)

Old Naples Beach House Dining Area

I love the color combination here – blue and pink elements. Such character for a dining room. Are you seeing the chandeliers with ‘blue tears’? Awesome! (COASTAL DINING ROOM IDEAS)


Old Naples Beach House Wine Cellar

This wooden wine cellar simply adds more color to the sweet and coastal-y look of the beach house. 

Old Naples Beach House Hallway

This is a hallway photo that features this seating area. You’ll find me sitting here with a book on one hand, coffee on the other. 🙂

Old Naples Beach House Bathroom

What a spacious bathroom! A full bathroom with installed tub, shower, two sinks, and two large mirrors almost facing each other. Marble flooring here, too.

Old Naples Beach House Bathroom 1

“… lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer..” For some reason, when I look at this bathroom, I hear this song of Nat King Cole. Love the pink and white stripes wall. 

Old Naples Beach House Pool

Here’s the back area with the pool that’s just the right size, wash area on the side there with small white door, outdoor seating, and a nice garden on the side. Perfect!


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Old Naples Beach House Tour

Old Naples Beach House Tour