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Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home

Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Living Room
Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home: When you have a coastal home like this, wouldn’t you want to just hang around here all day? This beach style living room is one to note! The coastal blue L-shaped couch is the winner here. But also notice the bar at the back, yeah? Love this space!

Photo Credit/info at Serenitydesignlbi.com @serenitydesign | Post contains affiliate links.

Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Living Room, artworks
I wanted to show this shot of the living room not only because of that rustic sofa table/storage but also because of the ‘Peanuts’ characters artworks. There’s the ever crabby and opinionated Lucy and of course, the cutie Snoopy on the wall beside the stairs. (LIVING ROOM DECOR IDEAS)

Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Living Room with a view

Here’s another living room / family room inside this beach home. Serene views coming from outside. Wooden framed glass door and windows so you know you have more than enough to let the sun shine in.

Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Kitchen
A beach style kitchen featuring white cabinetry and island, coastal colored tile backsplash, and wooden flooring. (MORE COASTAL KITCHENS)

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Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Dining Area
I think having glass windows, doors, and walls for a beach home is necessary, don’t you think? Especially when you have incredible ocean views like this. These dining chairs are amazing. (COASTAL DINING ROOM IDEAS)

Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Bedroom 1
The white wallks and white cabinet give the room a bright and airy feel. White cylinder shaped light fixture beside the bed, which adds modernity to this beach house bedroom. You’ll also find a beautiful snake plant on the nightstand. This adds a natural touch to the room and helps to purify the air. (BEACH THEMED BEDROOMS)

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Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Bathroom
This coastal beach powder room looks cozy enough. Shade of blue for the shiplap walls. White rustic cabinet under the sink. Classic tiles for the flooring.

Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Bedroom
A nice sisal area rug for this bedroom, which covers almost the whole space. That’s one big area rug. Simple wooden night stand, which you can find on both sides of the bed.

Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Bathroom
What a lovely bathroom. Accent mirrors are so nice – this one has that octagonal shape, which makes it very unique in its own way. Notice the mermaid tail towel hook?

Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home - Bedroom chest drawer
I wanted to feature this space in one of the bedrooms because of the rustic chest drawer. It’s one of the spaces in the bedroom where you can have a theme of some sort. This one’s giving a vintage coastal feel. 



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Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home

Ocean Boulevard Coastal Home