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Modern Tiny Home (Budget Series #4)

Modern Tiny Home Living Room

Today’s tour features a modern tiny home – on wheels! This awesome is fully renovated and very useful for traveling.

Photo Credit/info at RenovatedRVsForSale.com | Post contains affiliate links.

This modern tiny home comes with a sweet living room with wine and coffee bar. Is it coffee time? Yes. Is it also wine time? Always, yes. 🙂 

Modern Tiny Home Kitchen Area
I’m surprised how spacious the kitchen area really is. The space and storage were really maximized to give room to move around. I like the fridge lifted a bit so you’re not leaning down all the time. Notice the spice rack inset in the wall.. 

Modern Tiny Home Kitchen different view
Another side of the kitchen. I love the contemporary light fixture. Stylish and useful. And let me swoon over the glossy white backsplash!

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Modern Tiny Home Kitchen and Dining
A closer look at the black stainless sink with the black and bronze faucet. These match the overall tone of this modern tiny home. This photo also includes the dining area.

Modern Tiny Home Dining Area
Yellow upholstered dining chairs for a modern seating twist. Wooden table that’s bolted down for security. Only thing I’d do differently here is round the table edges

Modern Tiny Home Bedroom
A comfortable queen size bed for this master bedroom. The lighting fixture on both sides of the bed is a nice touch… along with both sides having their own bedside table.



Modern Tiny Home Sink
Here’s the sink beside the bathroom. Cute little round basin perfect in this modern tiny home! I assume the mirror is a medicine cabinet? If not, that can add much appreciated space.

Modern Tiny Home Bunk Beds
And here are the bunks! Sure looks cozy in here. Just enough room to tuck the little kiddos (or guests) away..