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How to Make Your House Smell Good (like the beach)

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How to make your house smell good.. like a soft ocean breeze… even with doggy odor, frying bacon smells and musty odors.

Can I be honest here?

I was embarrassed with the way my house smelled. Many of us may feel our house has musty smell.. Worse yet, (if you’re like me) I think my house smells like dog. Or at least I used to before I discovered how to make my house smell amazing. And as long as we’re after a fresh smelling home, we might as well make our house smell like the ocean, right?

Fresh, light, citrus and salt. That’s what I was looking for.

If you’re curious (or in a hurry):

I found this specific reed diffuser to work the best… after much trial and error I will say!

See, we have a Cairn Terrier and I’ve always thought our house smells like dog. My husband insists there’s no doggy odor, but mind you, he can’t smell a magnolia blossom even one inch from his nose. Really.

Every time I’d walk through the door, I felt a waft of puppy dog smell. Aside from the Gilligan (our dog) smell, I could also detect almost an old house smell, even tho every house we’ve lived in we’ve built brand new.

Also… I might as well confess right now: I LOVE bacon! But fry up a batch of honey maple bacon and the smell lingers for days.

My “how to make your house smell good” dilemmas

I had several issues trying to fix my house smells.

First, what to use? I’d tried candles in the past but they were a temporary solution. Blow em out, and 30 minutes later I was right back where I started…with a smelly house.

Second, I’m highly sensitive to fragrance. Don’t ask me how I managed to work in the cosmetics department at Neimans all those years. I was surrounded by perfume being sprayed all day long. But now I can literally inhale a fragrance and upon exhale, I already have a splitting headache.

Third: I wanted a fresh, light tropical scent. Preferably with citrus undertones. I find the scent of the beach intoxicating so that’s what I wanted on a daily basis.

Lastly, I wanted the fresh scent to permeate throughout my home and last for a really long time. Mine lasted exactly 4 months (to the day) and I split into two bottles.

How to keep your house smelling good all the time (like the beach)

Alrighty, here’s the “magic” potion I found: Mango Tangerine Reed Diffuser.

I haven’t figured how to make your house smell good naturally… but this is the next best thing.

It’s a heavenly tropical blend of tangerines, mangos, sweet passion fruit, pomegranate nectar, and Meyer lemons.

The Meyer lemons lends just a whisper of spice under the light lemon scent. The tangerines give a burst of fresh citrus scent. Add mangos, sweet passion fruit, pomegranate nectar and the combination will transport you to a tropical paradise.



Of all the Archipelago Reed Diffuser scents, the Mango Tangerine is one of their most popular. I can see why. Or maybe I should say, I can smell why!

Some of the reviews from delighted fans:

  • “Smells like a beautiful expensive hotel.”
  • “My house smells like a vacation in the Caribbean.”
  • “My home smells like summer.”

I tried so many different fresh smelling home tips (that didn’t work!)… so I was pretty dang excited when I discovered this reed diffuser scent. Actually I first discovered the Archipelago brand from another blogger who was raving about it! She was also talking about how to make your house smell good.

Why I love my smelly house remedy

The ocean scent makes my house smell like summer.. and I can pretend I live at the beach.

Now when I walk into my home, I smile. Before, I always had the thought around the dog smell. How to make rooms smell good, one room at a time.

It’s subtle. Like I mentioned earlier, I can’t handle hardly any fragrance, and certainly not overpowering ones.

The light ocean breeze scent lasts and lasts. If you flip the reed sticks on occasion, the scent will grace your home for months on end.

I don’t have to worry about the flame of a candle. Plus when using candles, the scent comes and then goes once the candle is blown out. That said, I do like to have one candle handy for those special occasions when I want the ambience only a candle can give. You can get the Mango Tangerine scent in a candle too. It’s a 60-hour soy candle, so again, long lasting.

The bottle is pretty! I am a minimalist (before that was even a thing!) so I don’t like stuff or clutter. The Archipelago Diffuser comes in a simple, yet elegant bottle that is unobtrusive on your vanity, nightstand, desk, foyer table, or wherever.

What Now?

You may not be like me, with a bad house smell to overcome.

Maybe you’re simply looking for a light beachy scent to make your home smell delicious. It’s kind of like having luxury sheets; it just makes you feel good! You’ll probably want to start with the reed diffuser (or two) and a candle for those special occasions. It’s not how to make your house smell good naturally but it’s pretty darn close. Whatever you decide, enjoy how to make the house smell good. xo, Darlene