Georgian Bay Island Cottage | Sarah Richardson house design

Georgian Bay Island Cottage

Georgian Bay Island Cottage: 1950s island cottage located on the Georgian Bay (northeastern arm of Lake Huron, in Ontario) belongs to the infamous designer Sarah Richardson. Whoowee, does she have taste.

Photo Credit/Info Sarah Richardson Design @sarahrichardsondesign | Post contains affiliate links.

Sarah's Rental Cottage Living Area

White and that shade of green make this sitting area fantastic! Natural wood by the window – I like!

Sarah's Rental Cottage Kitchen

This cottage’s kitchen renovation is incredible. The wooden countertops is just amazing!

Sarah's Rental Cottage Dining Area

Notice that candle chandelier that’s adjustable because of the rope? I want one! Those wooden chairs with those metal glides? Good thinking – protecting those wooden floors!

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Sarah's Rental Cottage Master Bedroom

Are you seeing this? White and blue for the master bedroom with those exposed wooden ceilings – cottage life.

Sarah's Rental Cottage Bathroom

Cozy, isn’t it? I like how the green mirror reflects its shade a bit on the marble sink top. That’s brilliant!

Sarah's Rental Cottage Guest Room

Are you loving the warm yellow shades in here? And yes, the guest room’s in natural pine.

Sarah's Rental Cottage Kids Room

The kids room was designed with these shade of blues and magnificent wooden floors. Lovin’ the style of this bunk bed!

Sarah's Rental Cottage Porch

Fifty shades of blue? No. More like 3 – 4 shades! I am loving this covered porch!

Sarah's Rental Cottage Deck by the Water

Paradise, yes?


Sarah's Rental Cottage Tour Pin 2

Sarah's Rental Cottage Tour Pin 1

Sarah's Rental Cottage Tour Pin 3



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