Coca Cabana Beach House Tour - Sugars

Coca Cabana Beach House Tour


Coca Cabana Exterior
Blue but not gloomy! This beach house in Santa Rosa looks simple on the outside but just wait and see what’s inside.

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Coca Cabana Living Room

I love the blue throw pillows located on the sofa and the sitting area near one of the windows. The room is well-lighted with the help of those magnificent fixtures. Notice the unique shape of the center table, too!

Coca Cabana Kitchen 1

The shades of blue all over the house are essential, I believe. Take a look at the dining set right there!

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Coca Cabana Dining Area

Blue and brown. Yes, it makes sense. When you’re decorating, you’re not always sure if certain stuff will jive quite perfectly. In this instance, the dining set surely looks good with the wooden table and chairs. Add the center table cloth, it works really well.

Coca Cabana Dining Area & Kitchen

Here’s another look at the kitchen and dining area. I would like to highlight the lantern hanging over the dining table. Looks really modern, right?

Coca Cabana Bedroom

And yet another shade of blue for the master bedroom. I like the starfish decor on the wall and on the sheets. And of course, another shade of blue for the bedside lamps! Beach house? Beach house!

Coca Cabana Bathroom 1

I like how the bathroom also has the crisp wooden floors. The lighting fixture there says ‘This is a beach house bathroom but no reason not to be elegant.’


Coca Cabana Beach House Tour - Pin 1

Coca Cabana Beach House Tour


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