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Coastal Camper (Budget series #9)

Coastal Camper Living Area

Come along with me as I explore this charming coastal camper, the “Exquisite & Ethereal Fifth Wheel RV 35′.” It’s perfect for gathering ideas and daydreaming about life in a tiny home. For a camper, it’s incredibly spacious with plenty of room to move around. The area rugs add a cozy, homey touch.

Photo Credit/info at RenovatedRVsForSale.com | Post contains affiliate links.

Coastal Camper Kitchen

Coastal Camper Kitchen 1

The kitchen is super cute. It features a cooktop range with oven, butcherblock countertop and sink area. You’ll also notice the lovely chandelier hanging over the area.

Coastal Camper Dining Area

Dining with a view! Since it’s a camper, you can be parked almost anywhere it’s allowed to be parked. A big bonus is if it’s beachside then you can have a great view of the waters… that’s a dream. 

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Coastal Camper Kitchen/Dining Area

I wanted to show this area since you can see the kitchen, storage, a part of the dining area, and a quick peek of the bedroom. 

Coastal Camper Bedroom Area

A cozy bedroom inside this camper is a necessity. This one did not disappoint. Love the space as it really invites you for a good night sleep. 

Coastal Camper Bathroom

Coastal Camper Bathroom Shower

The photo on the left is the bathroom and on the right is the shower that’s actually inside the bedroom. Brass shower systems are so popular these days because of how it effortlessly bring style to bathroom where its installed. I plan to order one from AMZ (I saw something similar).

Coastal Camper Living Room Study or Work area

And here, we see the other part of that living area where you can see the study/work area facing a large window so you can take a peek at what’s going on outside, for inspiration of course! I love that this part has large windows so as to let the natural light in.