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DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments for your beach Christmas tree

We have DIY Christmas tree ornaments plus homemade Christmas tree ornaments (at Amazon) for your beach Christmas tree.

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What fun! Coastal Christmas tree ornaments for the DIY in you.

Plus, if you’re like me, and you’d rather buy your beach Christmas decorations, we have Amazon beach Christmas tree ornaments at end of this post. These are homemade Christmas ornaments, I should add. Not your Walmart specials by any means.

DIY Christmas tree ornaments

“Faux” Glass Floats

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” — this is what you’ll feel about these DIY “faux” glass floats ornaments from Crafts by Courtney. It’s hard to believe that these were made from foam balls. Fun coastal Christmas tree ornaments!

Nautical Holiday Ornament

This nautical DIY holiday ornament from Veggie Diva looks very promising. It’s unique and very creative ornament suitable for your coastal-inspired Christmas tree.

Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

The Simply Crafted Life’s DIY wood slice Christmas ornament celebrates rustic beauty. Looking at this creation, it just opens a whole lot of ideas using wood slice as the main material. Winner! I love the Christmas quotes: Oh, Holy Night and For Onto Us a Child is Born.

Faux Iced Cookie Ornaments

These DIY “faux” iced cookie ornaments from Dream a Little Bigger are just lovely! You know how in movies they put up Christmas cookies as ornaments? It’s a wonderful idea. Or instead of homemade cookies, instead – a faux Christmas cookie ornament. Clever idea!





Kate Spade Inspired Ornaments

These classy DIY Kate Spade inspired ornaments are sooooo amazing. You won’t believe what a gold glitter spray paint can do to your DIY goals. The outcome is festive and delightful. Hi Sugarplum! definitely knows what they are doing. Whoever said ‘simple’ was boring, never saw these elegant tree ornaments.

DIY painted gold leaf ornaments

These DIY painted gold leaf ornaments are probably my ultimate favorite. Creativity win by The Sweetest Occasion. The chosen colors to build these ornaments were spot on. Shades of blue with gold accents.

DIY Paper Stars

Here’s another artistic DIY work — the Paper Stars from Songket Affairs. The outcome is very impressive. It’s an ideal addition to your coastal DIY ornaments collection.

DIY Sailboat Ornaments

This DIY sailboat ornament by Sand and Sisal looks soooo adorable. Similar concept to the ‘ship in a bottle’, this should make your coastal heart merry and jolly this Christmas season! Perfect for your beach Christmas tree. You could even write a child’s name on the sail.

Amazon Christmas Tree Ornaments

It may be too late in the season to do your own coastal Christmas tree ornaments.

Or if you’re like me, you simply prefer to purchase. Ava and I went on a fun exploration to find homemade Christmas tree ornaments on Amazon.

I see it as win-win. I don’t have to make them (haha) while supporting creative people who enjoy offering these delightful goodies to us.

We even found circular tree wood ornaments like you saw in our DIY section.

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This Celtic Angel Heart Christmas tree ornament looks like something you would wear as earrings, right? It is handmade so you definitely see the personal touch there. Made with aluminum, you’ll be able to use this for a really long time.

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Here’s another wooden Christmas ornament (like Martha’s DIY) ready for use or for gifting. Handpainted background and special vinyl lettering, this one is a favorite for beach Christmas tree ornaments.

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Coastal vibes coming from these Tropical Seashells. The turquoise-colored ribbon surely adds to the beach-y feels. It’s going to be a great addition to your coastal Christmas tree.

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These glittered pink Murex Seashell ornaments make you feel like you’re having a coastal holiday season. Turquoise colored ribbon is already on so you can simply hang onto your tree.

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Jolly starfish ornament is a must-have for all beach lovers out there (including me). It is handmade, eco-friendly, and reminds us how blessed we are with “Joy to the World” quote. You may also hang it on windows, banisters, and more.

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Here’s a personalized Christmas ornament that you can have or gift to someone else. A flat ceramic beach-inspired ornament, with free personalization so you can add names of your choice. It would be fun to give beach Christmas decorations on top of a wedding gift package.