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Beach Themed Living Rooms


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Beach Living Room Decor Ideas: We have THE best beach themed living rooms collection! Yes we do! Whether you want a beach themed living room on a budget or an elegant coastal style living room… or just want great coastal interior design ideas.

What we did was pull the best of the best photos from our Beach House Tours, and brought them here for you to enjoy in one spot for cool nautical living room ideas. We update monthly so be sure and sign up for our Newsletter.

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Balboa Peninsula Beach House Living Room

The drum shade table lamps is very unique here. Detailed patterns for the throws plus the blue and white shades cushions for the spindle chairs. Get more coastal interior design ideas in this beach house tour.

Harvey Cedars Beach House Living Room

Unique seashell fireplace with wood mantle. Matching wooden shelves flank the fireplace with wooden shelves and cabinet built-ins. Great coastal beach home interior design. Beach theme rattan coffee table topped with glass. More nautical beach decor ideas at beach house in Harvey Cedars.

South Carolina Beach House Living Area

Elegant beach decor ideas for lots of beach decor inspiration in this Sullivan Island coastal living room. Elegant French art adorns the walls and compliment the variety of blue and white glass vases. Seashells and coastal finds underneath the sturdy wooden table. Interesting wood legs on the table. Fun blue zigzag print on the comfy chair. See beach decorating tips over at the full beach house tour here.

Ono Island Orange Beach House Living Room

Lots of floral stuff here but you can see that the designer didn’t actually overdo it. It’s so cute especially if you’re a fan of floral decor and textile. I like the huge glass doors and windows that make sure the living room is bright. I love the glass center table and it’s body. Very elegant! View the beach house tour here.

Manhattan Beach House Tour Living Room

The teal colored sofa in this bright living room is looking really good and fitting. That pop of color brings more life to this awesome living room in Manhattan Beach. I like the the idea of folding doors, and huge, to let the sun shine in! Take a look at more photos in this beach house.

Newport Coast California Beach House Living Room

Solid tile fireplace, I think, is the star here. I mean, that’s just amazing. Love the coastal living decor all around starting with that wooden(?) table. I am not sure if it’s all wood but the legs sure are. If it happens to be all wood then they’ve achieved a really great color tone as it resembles a different material. And the ottomans with a darker shade of blue with those nailhead details are superb here. Get more beach house decor ideas from the full house tour.

Santa Rosa Beach Florida House Living Room

Love the sprinkle of beach tones here and there. This seaside living room features those shades of blue and neutral colors for the couches. White shiplap walls, wooden floor boards, wooden and vintage-y like ceilings, and those white painted beams look sooooo goood. For more coastal decor inspiration, visit the full beach house tour here.

Isle of Palms Beach House Tour Living Room

What a view outside from this gorgeous contemporary (and yet rustic) living room found in South Carolina. You’ll get several coastal beach home decor interior design ideas here for sure! Personally, I like the natural wooden beams. They add style and gives out that ‘home-y’ feeling. See more from this beach house tour in Isle of Palms.

Sarah's Summer House Living Room

This nautical living room is part of a hideaway beach house and it’s definitely inspiring. Classic blue and white stripes, both fat and thin, perk up a traditional styled coastal living room. I’ll take those big windows with that view, any day of the week.

Amagansett Living Room

White.. but certainly not boring, this one. Simple and sophisticated seaside living room? Yes, I’d say so. Looks like a white denim fabric on the sofas. Durable. How about that wooden horse? Interesting.  More of this house tour here.

Wisteria Way Living Room

Coastal vibes with the ship-lap walls and sisal rug. Add a rustic beach theme table, a seaside picture and you’re good to go. Want to see more? Click here

Beachy Saltbox Living Room

Modern and classic combined in this coastal style living room. of course the amazing windows sure don’t hurt. Notice how they lifted the window height to place the beach furniture. See all the photos from this gorgeous Salty Box home tour.

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Palm Beach House by the Sea Living Room

Tons of beach living room decor ideas here. Curtains are awesome. Not necessarily a beach design but it fits. How about the teal geometric patterned floor? I never would have thought to paint part of the ceiling teal, but if you’re gonna pay the big bucks for a ceiling like that, why not?! Like huge coastal wall decor behind the sofa, and the glass chandelier. See the entire  beach house tour.

Jewelbox Living Room

Aside from the ship lap walls and diamond patterned sisal rug, I have to admit  you might not find a lot of coastal interior design ideas in this beach living room, BUT if you hop over to this fun beach house, you’ll find THE most divine coastal kitchen and other beachy style rooms.

I almost took this beach themed living room out of the roundup cause it is a bit plain, but decided not to so I could point out how basically 4 elements turned this into a nautical living room. The pillows. The rug. Wall hanging over dining room table. Dining room table center piece. See all photos for this  stylish beach house.

Beach tones, definitely. Even the tablet case has the same shade. This beach themed living room gives out that beach-y inspiration we’re all looking for! Take a look at this beach house tour.


Port Aransas Coastal House Sitting room

Life is good at the beach? I agree with this coastal style living room. I love the old wooden treasure chest concept as the center table. Take a look at this beach tour here.

If you’re looking for beach living room decor ideas, just take a look at this one. Be inspired with those huge windows. I love the huge windows that surround this area at this beach house. These windows certainly let the sun shine in.  And of course, the shade of green on those wooden floors.

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Martha's Vineyard Private Beach Cottage Main House Living Room

You almost think you’re outside already! That’s the beauty of french doors. Fling them open and breathe in the salty air. See all the different rooms in the beach cottage tour.

Newport Beach California Coastal Home Living Room

Fabulous artwork in this beach themed living room. White sofa, modern colors for the throw pillows, and sisal rug, they all add to elegance of this room. Charming beach house tour here.

The Coral Cottage Living Room

Vibrant colors all around this room. Loads of ideas here. The painted zigzag dresser done in coastal colors. Rattan chairs. Looks like a white slipcovered sofa for easy cleaning up. Good mixture of colorful pillows. Glass coffee table nice touch for smaller room. More photos of this beach house.

Charming Balboa Island Living Room

Shades of blue, wood tones, and white walls. Attractive beach house here. Sisal rugs are easy upkeep for coastal style living rooms. Since sisal is more durable (than most natural fibers), they are perfect for the heavy foot traffic a vacation home can receive.

Blue Mountain Living Room

French doors and white curtains for this living room. Serene blue sofa with with striped blue and white chair cushions and white slip-covered chairs. Take a look at this inspirational beach house.

The Salty Mermaid Beach Cottage Living Room

I feel so happy when I look at this living room. Such fun pops of color liven up this casual coastal living room. I like the handy pink children’s chairs under the antique coffee table. If you think it’s a challenge to make a beach themed living room on a budget, just look at this one. More of this beach cottage here.

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Modern Beach House Rental Port Aransas TX Living Room

Modern nautical living room: Checkered blue rug with streamlined blue sofas and sleek tan leather chairs with steel frames. Who would think to add rattan foot stool to a modern living room? More of this classy beach house.

Naturally Serene Tequesta Beach House Living Room

Take a look at this elegant coastal style living room found at Tequesta beach house. Everything is soft shades of tan with striped patterns and colorful blue pillows for interest. Perhaps the best beach decorating idea in this room is above the fireplace. Shells and starfish set in “sand” give a coastal mood for sure.

East Greenwich Rhode Island House Fireplace

Lovely color blend in this beach house. My favorite is that teal starburst mirror. I think that one’s the ultimate ‘winner’ in this beach themed living room. Looks like a textured wallpaper. Want to see more photos of this beach house tour?

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