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Beach House Tour: Ocean Tails

blue beach house with wood picket fence

I was so excited to find this Beach House Tour because my hubby and I stumbled upon the quaint beach town Seabrook when vacationing in Washington. I saw an advertisement for the community on one of those airplane magazines, and we stayed there for almost a week!

Photo Credit & Rental Info: SeabrookWA.com @seabrookwa | Post contains affiliate links.

Ocean Tails Living Room

Beach Living Room Decor: Talk about a pop of color! This bright blue sofa certainly adds pizazz to this coastal living room. The striped blue pillows add nautical touch without being overbearing. I like the whitewashed coffee table, and natural wood floors. Altho I doubt those are true wood floors. They might even be the new tile that looks like wood floors which we (hubby & I) are using quite a bit in our spec homes.

Ocean Tails Kitchen

Beach Kitchen Decor: Now that I get a closer look at the wood floor, it’s not the new tile. More likely a laminate. The beaded board under the bar is perfect (and inexpensive to add) to keep the wall from getting scoff marks.

Ocean Tails King Master Bedroom

Beach Bedroom Decor: I must point out the circle of rope on top of bed footboard and headboard. How fun!

Ocean Tails Master Bathroom

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Ocean Tails Guest Bedroom

Beach Bedroom Decor: Another delightful beach bedroom decor inspiration. A tough of the coast with whitewashed furniture and the one seahorse pillow.

Ocean Tails Guest Bathroom

OMGosh! Read the sign over the commode. Too funny! Haha

double Bunk beds

Beach Bedroom Decor: I am such a sucker for bunk beds. “Sigh.” It’s always nice to have extra storage as you see with these white bunk beds. They look fairly easy to make up too. Only reason I notice this is cuz the bunkbeds in the Destin rental I stayed in Jan. had bunkbeds with foot boards that made it almost impossible to make the beds.

Ocean Tails Media Room

Ocean Tails Front Deck

Remember this coastal community is in Washington; hence the spruce trees. Kinda funny if you’re used to palm trees in Florida or the Caribbean.


Ocean Tails Beach House Tour

Ocean Tails Beach House Tour

Ocean Tails Beach House Tour