Beach House Tour Camellia Cottage - Sugars Beach

Beach House Tour Camellia Cottage

Camellia Cottage Exterior
Beach House Tour in the lovely coastal California town of Carmel. Specifically, it’s located in the Golden Rectangle within walking distance to the beach and town.

Photo credit/info Carmel Realty Company @carmelrealty | Post contains affiliate links.

Camellia Cottage Living Room

Beach living room that doesn’t look beachy. Done in soft neutrals with a traditional flair. I do like the bank of doors and windows. Really brings the outside to the inside.

Camellia Cottage Kitchen

Who doesn’t adore a country sink? Deep for those big pots.. and only one sink so it’s hard to leave dishes in the sink on that one side waiting for the dishwasher. 🙂

Camellia Cottage Kitchen - Patio

Wow, double doors even in the kitchen. I must have a window in my kitchen, but to have doors too? Love it.

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Camellia Cottage Bedroom

Welcoming bedroom with neutrals and a soft grey blue. Nice hardwood floors along with traditional Oriental rug.

Camellia Cottage Bathroom

The first sign of the beach in the bathroom! Little starfish wall display and coastal pictures. Notice how they not only tiled the bathtub in the traditional sense, but also along the front of the bathtub.

Camellia Cottage Bedroom 2

Bigger bedroom here with a little sitting/reading area and even small desk.

Camellia Cottage Bathroom 1

Lots of decorating ideas in this bathroom. As you may know, homebuilding is my background. Finishing out the bathroom walls with tile (like you see here) is one of my favorite ways to get a lush look very inexpensively.

Camellia Cottage Patio

What a relaxing garden area. Secluded and private. I wonder if they have a water feature that we just can’t see?


Beach House Tour Camellia Cottage

Beach House Tour Camellia Cottage





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