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Barrington Bay Home Tour

Barrington Bay Beach House Living Room

This beach house in Barrington Bay, RI welcomes guests with this stunning living room. This beautiful room features classic white shiplap walls that give the space a crisp and clean feel. The wooden flooring here is covered in cozy and soft carpet, adding an extra layer of comfort. Awesome blue and yellow scheme here, soft colors to match the whole vibe.

Photo Credits: Photography by Greg Premru, Design by Blakely Interior Design @blakelyinteriordesign | Post contains affiliate links.

Barrington Bay Beach House Living Room Seating

And yes, this features the white wooden seating nook. A cozy corner, this seating area is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beach vibes. 

Barrington Bay Beach House Living Room Nook

Another lovely nook of this beach house, this one’s featuring this lovely cabinet with coastal accents on top. The artwork present on top surely adds a nice coastal touch. 

Barrington Bay Beach House Bedroom

Here’s one of the bedrooms in this beach home tour – serene and sophisticated at the same time. The standout feature here is the gorgeous green wall that serves as a backdrop for the bedframe, lending a touch of natural beauty to the space. Classic elegant look for the bed with two white side tables. To let the sun shine in, there are white beautiful French windows (as seen on one side of this bedroom). At the end of the bed, the two comfy blue ottomans add quite of a flair. 

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Barrington Bay Home Tour Bedroom Accent chair

In addition to the stylish bed and ottomans, this bedroom also features a homey rattan chair nestled in a nook beside the window. It features a comfortable white cushioned seat, making it a perfect spot to sit and take in the stunning views of the water outside. To add a touch of personality, a white throw pillow with a fun pineapple design has been added to the chair. (FYI If you’re a pineapple lover, here’s a fun page you can visit)

Barrington Bay Beach House Bedroom

Here’s another bedroom in this beach house, which features a blue trellis wallpaper that adds depth and texture to the space. Against this backdrop, the blue bedframe is a standout feature, creating a cohesive and ultimately stylish look. To add a pop of color and visual interest to the room, there are yellow and blue accents throughout. 

Barrington Bay Beach House Bureau

An amazing white bureau that provides ample storage space for clothes and other essentials. Sleek and modern, the cabinet complements the overall aesthetic of the bedroom. Atop the bureau, a nice looking mirror that serves a functional purpose while also adding a sense of dimension to the room. 

Barrington Bay Beach House Window bench

Another appealing feature of this bedroom is the wooden bench situated in front of the windows. It offers a comfortable and relaxing spot to take in the views from outside. 


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Barrington Bay Home Tour

Barrington Bay Home Tour