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Balboa Island Cottage in White

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Exterior
Welcome to a coastal dream come true! This custom Balboa Island duplex, we’re calling it “Balboa Island Cottage in White,” seamlessly blends classic cottage vibes with contemporary upgrades and modern amenities. Renovated almost entirely in 2015, this enchanting residence is nestled on a double-wide street, really close to North Bayfront. Scroll down to view parts of the rear apartment!

Photo Credit/info at Zillow.com | Post contains affiliate links.

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Living Room
Such a cozy living room – white, neutrals, and earthy tones found here. A chill vibe, if I may say. The open concept floor makes sense here. (LIVING ROOM DECOR IDEAS)

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Kitchen
A white kitchen filled with top-notch appliances. Quartz countertops. Traditional look from the pendants. My fave would be the bistro stools. A perfect partner to this white and light gray countertop. (MORE COASTAL KITCHENS

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Kitchen - Dining Area
And here’s the view if you’re “inside” the kitchen area. From here, you can see the view from the outside, and also the dining area featuring the round dining table and rattan dining chairs. (COASTAL DINING ROOM IDEAS

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Balboa Island Cottage in White - Bedroom
How pleasant is this bed?! I love the upholstered bed frame and headboard. The square frames above the headboard serves as the focal point in this bedroom. (BEACH THEMED BEDROOMS)

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Bathroom
A white bathroom is easier to clean – does that sound right? haha 

This bathroom looks really neat and clean. The overall white theme makes the this bathroom look classy, too. Subway white tiles can be found on the tub and shower area. 

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Rear Apartment Living Room
And now, we arrive at the rear apartment’s living room. It’s definitely spacious and well-maintained. From this shot, you can see the dining area and kitchen. I think that’s one of the advantages of an open concept floor – you can maximize the space and still look larger than it really is. 

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Rear Apartment Kitchen
The kitchen here also features quartz countertops, white sink, and cabinetry. You’ll also find the washer/dryer from here. Tiled backsplash can be noticed here, adding character to this charming white kitchen.

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Rear Apartment Bedroom
I love how bright this room can be because of the white theme. The dark wood bedframe blends well with the whole aesthetic of the room.

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Rear Apartment Bathroom
Here’s the bathroom in the rear apartment. Gray(ish) subway tiles from the tub/shower area. White shiplap walls around to add to the coastal aesthetic. 

Balboa Island Cottage in White - Rooftop Patio
And I think this is my most favorite part of this whole tour – the private upper deck. I love the area rug found here, patio seating, and a nice cute umbrella on the side. I can see a lot of coffee + reading times here.