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sugar san juan islands

Hi,”Sugar” here. 🙂

Well, actually my name became Sugar when my precious grandson was born and my daughter bestowed upon me a grandmother name to celebrate our southern roots.

I’ve built website businesses since 2005. Prior to that, I built spec homes in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country. If you’re not familiar with what a “spec” house is… Spec is short for “speculation.” It’s when you buy a property or lot, create a floorplan, build the house…and then hope/pray you built a home people want to buy! Also LOVE investing in real estate.

Soooo, I am delighted to share with you my love for all things “beach!” For me, the beach is positively happiness on a stick. And my desire is for you to enjoy poring over the “pages” of SugarsBeach just as much as I enjoy creating them. ~SUGAR

What can you expect at SugarsBeach.com?

BEACH HOME TOURS: You will not find ordinary here. I’ll only bring you astonishingly beautiful beach cottages for our Beach Home Tours. They’ll seriously make you say “ahhhh.” As an added bonus, some of these splendid “eye candy” homes are even available as rentals, which makes a trip to the beach easy to arrange.

COASTAL DECOR: We can’t have beach home tours without knowing where to get some of the goodies within them, now can we? So I’ll check around online for coastal decor resources. And just so you know, Sugars Beach is about a clean, simple look.

BEACHWEAR: The minute I think “beach” I start wondering what to wear! So you’ll find swimsuits, beachwear, and even beach tshirts with beach quotes and unique designs.