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7 Entryway Ideas for your Beach House

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Transforming your beach house entryway into a coastal haven sets the tone for the entire home. Embrace the seaside vibe with these seven entryway ideas that seamlessly blend style and functionality. Begin by infusing natural elements like driftwood, seashells, and woven textures for an authentic coastal feel. Consider a weathered wooden bench paired with nautical-themed cushions as a practical and inviting seating option. Add a mirror with a distressed or rope-wrapped frame. Embrace a coastal color palette of blues, neutrals, and whites for an airy ambiance.

Photo Credit: ablissfulnest.com

You can find all the deets on this entryway (and more) at A Blissful Nest.
Decastro 42'' Solid Wood Console Table
Perfect size solid wood entry table for your beach house.

Photo Credit: memehill.com

All the photos are at MemeHall.

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A Console Table with wood and rattan brings the perfect blend of coastal to your beach house.

Add these delightful blue fish to your coastal entryway.

Photo Credit: blessthisnestblog.com

More on this gorgeous entryway at Bless this Nest.

Console Table, 31" Console Tables for Entryway Small Entryway Table, Vanity Desk Rattan Dresser Side Table Entry Table Narrow Console Table Modern Hallway Table Boho Sofa Table
Do you have limited space for your coastal entryway? No problem. Pair a smaller Console Table with a big mirror for punch on a small scale.

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Delivered to you each Saturday & Tuesday morning.